Scent Fun For Your Dog!

Indoors and outdoors with Doggone Smart Nosework in Vancouver, BC

Proud member and trial Judging official for Sporting Detection Dog Association


Build confidence & exercise the mind

Big or small, shy or boisterous, puppies or the elderly; this up and coming sport is not only enjoyable, but is a great way to build your dog’s confidence and tire their brains. Classes are structured so that each dog and handler trains on his own with minimal distractions.

Classes are currently held at the

Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare Facility
1730 Vernon Drive, Vancouver BC, V6A 3T8

Contact Rich at doggonesmart (at)

 ............And it is so much fun!!

............And it is so much fun!!

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Level One

This Introduction to Nosework demonstrates how the power of the marker and food reinforcement can be used to shape your dog’s searching behaviour. Once your dog has learned how to search in the Ruff Stuff Dog Services training centre sniffing for high value treats, the odour of three essential oils (wintergreen, pine and thyme) will be added as part of the progression. Soon, you and your dog will be enjoying the game of canine detection!

Class Details

5 classes – 1 ½ hrs per class
Max. 4 dogs per class – 1 dog per handler

Cost: $160.00 + GST

cancellations often happen!

Please sign up below if you wished to be placed on waiting list for classes that are full.


2019 Class Schedule      

SaturDAY’S:  jAN 5 TO fEB 2 10AM ONLY  *now full  

SUNDAYS:  JAN 6 to fEB 3
10 am * now full                 noon * now full  

SUNDAYS: FEB 10 to Mar 24 10am                                  Noon*2 spots left                 no classes feb 17, mar 17

Saturdays: Mar 30 to May 4 10am only                                (no classes on april 20)

Sundays: mar 31 to may 5    10 am & noon                          (no classes on April 21) 

Saturdays: Sept 7 to Oct 5   10 am only

Sundays: Sept 8 to Oct 6  10am and noon

Sundays: Oct 20 to Nov 24 10am & noon                           (no classes on Nov 10th)





Level One Sign Up

Fill out the form below to secure a spot for Nosework with Rich, held at Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare (1730 Vernon Drive, Vancouver)

January 2019 classes Now full. Please sign up if you wish to be placed on waiting list. 

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Level Two classes are available to dogs who have completed level 1 or have odour recognition and an identifiable final response at the source of the target odours. 

We introduce distractions and take your dog’s skills to the outdoors! Exterior building, vehicles and area searches will be included. We will add multiple hide searches and for those ready to compete at trials, or just for the fun of it, the last day will include the DOT (Designated Odor Test).

Class Details

Dates: May 26 to June 23 & September 8 to October 6 - Sundays
Cost: $170 + GST
Duration: 5 classes, 75 minutes per class

Max. 3 dogs per class – 1 dog per handler                                                             Prerequisite Level 2: Successfully completed Nosework Level 1 or consult with Rich prior to registering.

Classes will be held at indoor & outdoor locations within Vancouver. 

class times

May 26 - June 23:  

9:30am, 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm                                                                                                                  

September 8 - October 6:

9:30 am, 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm                                                                       



 Max locates odour in container in the outdoors

Max locates odour in container in the outdoors

 Cosby demonstrates "sit alert"

Cosby demonstrates "sit alert"


Name *
About My Dog
Classes will be held at outdoor locations within Vancouver.
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Looking to brush up on your dog's nose work skills? We're offering preregistration drop-in classes for Advanced and Level 2 students!

Details & Registration

Cost: $37 per class (includes GST)
Duration: 75 minutes per class

Maximum 3 dogs per drop-in time slot
Classes can be held indoors or outdoors

On Mondays after 8am, our instructors will send an email out to all eligible students with the available Advanced and Level 2 time slots.

Time slots are first come, first serve. Please reply to the email with your choice of time slots

Dates & times

Dates: Saturdays (February 9- Mar 9) (May 25 - June 15) ( Oct 19 - Nov 23)

Advanced: 9:30am, 10:45am
Level 2:  12pm, 1:15pm

Participation is for handlers and dogs that have completed Level 1 or 2. Advanced dogs entries must have been identified by instructors, and can take level 2 drop in time slots if they wish.


Private or Semi Private Classes

Improve your Nosework skills with private or semi private classes with us. This is an excellent option for dogs of all levels, from beginners to nosework, those that are shy, reactive, has disabilities, or for advanced trial dogs.

Skills we can work on:

  • Ignore distraction

  • Improve final response

  • Better leash habits

  • Problem solve

  • Eliminate false alerts

Edith on a scent


All packages are for 60 minute lessons. You can purchase a private on your own, or bring a friend of a similar level to split the cost. Maximum two dogs per semi-private class.

TWO classes - $190 + GST
FOUR classes - $360 + GST
SIX classes - $500 + GST

To register

Contact Rich at doggonesmart (at)

2019 Schedule

Saturdays Jan 5 - 26,  March 30 - May 4th

1:15 pm
2:30 pm

About the Instructor

Rich Hatchman

Rich is a retired Vancouver Police officer who spent 7 years of his career as a Narcotic detection dog handler with the VPD Dog Squad and another three years managing Vancouver’s Urban Search and Rescue K9 team.

After retirement, he completed the Animal Behaviour College Dog Trainer’s Certification program, and trained another Narcotic detection dog, Tya, for private work. Rich studied several different training methods for Nosework and has put together the most efficient and enjoyable way of showing your dog this great game of canine detection.